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1916 centenary programme of events launched Birthplace of Irish Volunteers in 1913 chosen to unveil Sinn Féin’s ‘national conversation’ on the deeds and ideals of the men and women behind the Easter Rising

THERE could be no more fitting place for the launch in February of Sinn Féin’s nationwide ‘Programme of 1916 Commemorative Events’ than […]

The marching season has started in Belfast.

The marching season has started in Belfast.

A little background:

The Short Strand is an area of Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is a mainly Catholic and Irish nationalist enclave surrounded by the mainly Protestant and unionist, in East Belfast. It is on the east bank of the River Lagan in the townland of Ballymacarret, which […]

Parades Commission to be sacked

A senior Orangeman has reiterated his call for members of the Parades Commission to be sacked when they restricted a parade in Co Armagh after initially permitting it to go ahead.

District Master Darryl Hewitt was speaking as the Parkmount Arch Committee cancelled its disputed parade in Portadown on Saturday evening.

He said the whole […]

Lower stretch of the Garvaghy Road – July 12th

The Parades Commission has reversed its decision to allow the Orangemen march along what it called the “lower stretch of the Garvaghy Road”. ( Gar va he  Road )

The loyalist parade, organised by the Parkmount Arch Committee, had been granted permission to march from Portadown town centre to Victoria Terrace ( Catholic residential  area) […]

The Twelfth of July

The Drumcree conflict or Drumcree standoff is an ongoing dispute over a yearly parade in the town of Portadown, Northern Ireland. The dispute is between the Orange Order  and local residents, who are mostly Catholic. The Orange Order insists that it should be allowed to march its traditional route to-and-from Drumcree Church, just outside the […]